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After almost 10 years, 20 million drawings and over 1 million users, the PaigeeWorld Social Network will be permanently closing in June 2019.

We would like to thank the Moderators, Welcome Team, and the PaigeeWorld Staff (both past and present who have volunteered their time to keep PaigeeWorld one of the safest and best moderated Social Networks in the World). We would like to thank the PaigeeWorld Directors and Investors that have kept the doors open for the last 10 years.

PaigeeWorld would also like to thank all of our amazing community members. We have seen thousands and thousands of young artist gain friends, personal self confidence and an amazing life skill(drawing) by being a member of the community. Members of the community have made life-long friends from all over the world that share similar interests.

PaigeeWorld has always been a place of inclusion. PaigeeWorld is proud to have always welcomed different beliefs, life and world views. We have always stood up to bullies, and fought to protect each other from online trolls. Everyone has felt safe on PaigeeWorld.

PaigeeWorld currently has over 150,000 active monthly users. Unfortunately we have not been able to generate enough revenue to cover the monthly operational expenses of the network. We needed to raise $3500 / month to keep the lights on.  To update and improve the community, we needed to raise $15,000 / month. We were not able to reach either goal. Without further financial support we are now forced to “Power OFF” PaigeeWorld. 

As PaigeeWorld will only be operational for a limited time, please take this time to download and save all of your art that you have uploaded to PaigeeWorld.   To do this:

  1. Logon to PaigeeWorld
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Right Click each image and save to your computer.    Repeat until all images are saved.

Thanks again to the amazing community. We will miss you!



Many thanks from the Staff of PaigeeWorld along with the Moderator and Welcome Teams

© Copyright 2019 PaigeeDraw Inc.

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